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was the driver of the bus. all look thof the kids were ablo walk away from the accident. the fire department was very lucky, except for those to the bus driver, appear to be quite minor. the traffic issue is that northbound 270 coming from virginia at the merged. point is completely shut down as they continue to deal with the students, the young people on the bus. it looks to me like they were older elementary school, perhaps under a middle school. we saw one girl who looked quite terrified. she was certainly talking end managedo-m the paramedics that were helping her. we saw another boy that was walking along with her that was
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able to smile and talk. we talked to a few witnesses that were driving their vehicles pton 270 and they said all of a sudden this big blur came roaring from the side as the bus came down the hill. kids were screaming and yelling. horrible situation at first, but as we can happily reports, injuries to the children appear to be minor at this point. back to you. >> any idea how many children born on the bus, -- >> this was not the full-size bus. it was a smaller us. -- bus./ if i had to guess, 20 or 30. there were chaperones on the bus along with the adult drivers. >> we're seeing emergency
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personnel still swarming the scene. any idea how many are being treated right there? >> i cannot hear you. >> how many are being treated at the scene? are you still there? we have lost his own. let's see if we can get him reestablished. while we're seeing is aftermath of this incident where according to brad bell this was a school field trip coming from york's spring, pennsylvania. the driver apparently slump behind the wheel. they then went over the ramp. we're understanding only fatality that has been reported is that of the driver. still no confirmation of what
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happened to the driver. we're still trying to get that information. according to brad bell, the children were able to walk away from the bus. now you're seeing shots of 270 going north. it has begun to back it's all up. -- back up. it is totally shut down right there. according to the cameras we looked at earlier, traffic backed up well down 270 and a long 495 4 miles to come. traffic moving very slowly. we want an update and a few moments. state gingrey here and we will let you know the latest information. -- stay here and we will let you know the latest information. now to the other story tonight. we are on storm watch. the worst is yet to come.
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doug hill is tracking the storms from the weather center. >> if this were a baseball game, i would say we're in the top half of the first inning. let me show you the map. the entire area under a flash flood watch starting at midnight. oh wind advisory goes into effect at 6:00. -- a wind advisory goes into effect at 6:00. this shows the rain all the way through the carolinas. the stretches all the way to the caribbean. there was tropical storm nicole, but that has dissipated. energy is efficient over the next 24 to 36 hours to perhaps give us two to 4 inches of rain, with some areas receiving more
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than that. let me show you what has happened south of here already. st. mary's county almost an inch of rain. spot gold and yet not so much. -- spotsylvania not as much rain. this will be a major rain event, not an similar to what we experienced at the end of june in 2006. a lot more what to expect and when and a couple of minutes. a lot of people bracing for the rain by prepping their homes and businesses. live in alexandria where people and the effects of this flooding. >> i am standing in an area where the flood waters usually appear first, king street. when a storm comes from the south what it does is cause the river water levels to rise, and when high tide hits, that is what causes the flooding.
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this storm is coming from the south, and that is why they're so concerned here. >> we put the tar out all the way along here. we put all of sandbags here. -- we put up a wall of sandbags here. >> we expected to come into our schock. -- shop. >> forecasters are predicting as many as 4 inches of rain before the storm ends tomorrow afternoon. it started already as a trickle and work crews have spent the day scurrying from storm drain to storm drain clearing them out so all the water that's expected has a place to go. >> [inaudible] >> he owns or ra rug store along
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the front. he took on 2 feet of water in past hurricanes. he is worried about what is to come in the next 24 hours. the same storm has pounded north carolina is headed our way. >> it is pretty frightening. we are looking for a raincoat. >> residents and store owners on pins and needles this evening. they have not handed out sand bags just yet. in the district they're handing out sandbags right now at new jersey avenue and k st. se. -- k street southeast. >> you can get all of your weather news at the online home of abc7 news
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>> a number of families were displaced by an apartment fire on 16th street in northwest washington. some people even jumped out of the sixth floor to escape. suzanne kennedy live with the latest. they're trying their best to get residents back into the apartment building you see behind me on 16 street. authorities denied are investigating whether a domestic dispute early this morning led to the fire being intentionally set. the fire started in a common area of the fifth floor of the 16th street apartment building. residents say they heard a fighter around 3:00 this morning. issac lario graphs of fire extinguisher and went to the court to help get people out. -- went to the fifth floor to
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help get people out. >> i was out. i was on the floor and did not look back. i looked down and saw my uncle coming down, but i did not even know what happened. >> he cried as community leaders tried to console him. [inaudible] the american red cross set up a shelter for displaced residents. others waited outside the apartment buildings hoping to be able to return to their home. >> cleaning crews have been inside the building throughout the day. the fire department has been checking whether the smoke
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detectors are in working order. within the next hour we will hear from the fire chief and the mayor and will provide is the later information on this fatal fire. a local day care worker is being charged with sexually abusing a child in his care. the man worked at miniland take care center, but that is not work peophere police caught up h him. >> this is what was found on him, a valid american passport and his brothers iranian passport. he said he just happened to have his brothers passport by accident. he worked at this day care in centerville. he worked with kids every day. last week he was interviewed by detectives. >> i have a three-year old.
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that is the scariest thing that will ever happen to me. >> police said they got a call that he was sexually assaulting children. before they could arrest him, they said he took off. >> we are fortunate that he was apprehended. >> police arrested him trying to cross the border into canada. he apparently told border officers he was going to visit family. >> i have seen they have family there and they come over there some time. >that is unbelievable. >> at this point officials will only say that they do conduct criminal background checks on all of their employees before they begin work at their day care centers. as for the suspect, he is on his way back to virginia to face these very serious charges. now let's check back in on
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the breaking news where a tour bus carrying children has crashed all other reprioff a ra. >> we can confirm what we said before, this was a school group, a field trip. all we're a hearing from people on the bus is that it was a medical emergency from the driver. because the bus to go off the roadway and rolled down and em been embankment. almost into the northbound lanes of 270, but he did not come out into the travel lanes. -- but did not come out into the travelling. we understand there is one fatality, we have not been confirmed this with the fire department, but passengers told us it was the driver. 8 required medical treatment,
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four are life-threatening. and we do not know the ages of those patients. we have been told there were two adult chaperons on the bus. it appears this was a school field trip that had come to washington from carlisle, pennsylvania. this happened about an hour or so ago. no. on 270. as you can imagine, traffic is a mess. it will stay that way for quite some time. >> thank you for that update. keep us posted. there is a serial burglar on the loose in fairfax county. he is creeping into homes at night while the homeowners are
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asleep. it has happened more than 50 times. we have more on the burglars most daring night yet. >> it happened just recently. can you imagine waking up in the morning and realizing someone has stolen your purse that was on the kitchen counter? that is the target for this burglar. >> they are very brazen about what they're doing. >> the credits into the kitchen to still the cash from her purse, all while people were asleep in their bedroom. >> in this case became an one level, had to walk through another level, walk through the house to find anything that was something they were looking for. >> she is one of at least targeted this morning. fairfax county police believe this is the work of the same
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person or people that have broken into more than 50 homes, more than 20 cars since august 6 looking for cash. this map shows the scope of the crimes. all upscale neighborhoods, all at night when people are at home. so far no one has really seen that thee theif. >> the burglar precedent through a side door. so quiet that neither valerie's doll or her family walked up. the purse in the kitchen was taken. they had heard about the berkeley street and had taken precaution. -- burglary spree and had taken precautions. fairfax county patrol say they are beefing up patrols, but they have to pick areas.
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in the meantime, they are holding community meetings to let the public know what they can do to protect themselves. live in mclean, and virginia. looking at to the coming election this fall. a major development in battle from merrill lynch. a new poll shows martin o'malley with a big lead over bob urlich. but he now has 52% of the vote. the former governor is now disputing the poll. more on that every action from the voters coming up at 6:00. for more on the governor's race and other big races this november, mixer your water bottle grand 2010 s special tonight at 7:00 right here on abc 7. -- make sure you watch battleground 2010 special tonight at 7:00 right here on abc 7. jimmy carter will not be
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making tonight's appearance at george washington university. a spokeswoman says he is in good spirits of mckeown forward to getting back to his schedule. >> a lot of people have complaints about cabs and now they have a place to speak those concerns. >> today we took a closer look at what really requires the most. whether it is discrimination or meter misuse, cabdrivers in d.c. have stories to share. t>> this man relies more on cabs now because of a medical problems.
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>> sometimes i think they want -- [inaudible] >> they are required to pick up passengers, no matter where they are going. >> abc 7 online obtained this as-of rider complaints from the d.c. taxicab completaints. >> it does not surprise me at all. >> it is a surprise to hear that some follow the rules. >> i am not here to work. - -- i am out there tow work. >> the d.c. taxicab commission
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says it investigates are around 250 complaints per year and will find them depending on the violation. you can find out more by going to look our website. some people are paying the price for where they live, at the d.c. region is no exception. residents on gibson island live in the 23rd most expensive place. it has an average home price of $2.8 million. several other local places are making the top 500. mclane and potomac at 1.6 million in d.c. with homes are round 1 million. the country's most expensive senate code, california with the median house price of $4.2 million. >> that is insane. >> rain, rain, rain.
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we had a storm center that lasted from june 26 june 29 in 2006. that is the last time we had a similar set up an atmosphere. we had close to 10 inches of rain. it looks like we would get two to 5 inches of rain locally. a big deal. tomorrow morning's rush hour will be terrible. let's show you the rain now. the doppler not picking up much of tharound the district. the moisture pushes all the way south, into south florida, even into cuba. this goes all the way down to the north western caribbean. it is a large area of moisture. pockets of heavy rain. places like wilmington, north
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carolina, have picked up 16 inches of rain. maybe another four or five or 6 inches coming. let's look s chesapeake beach. very quiet now. you folks are under a wind advisory tomorrow. wind gusts of 50 miles per hour at times. wind gusts in the rest of the area 25 to 35 miles per hour. 55 in madison. about the same and honey town. the rain break will pick up later on tonight. -- the rain rate for will pick up later on tonight. flood warnings are active right now. this entire purple area are gail warnings in effect over the open
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waters. it is not one single source, but rather as a couple areas of low pressure that are being enhanced by the flow of tropical moisture that will squeeze out a tremendous amount of rain. we will call two to 5 inches of rain across a large area, locally have your amounts, and 5 inches and substantially more in parts of the del mar peninsula as this moves to the north. the should all be over by this time tomorrow. temperatures have been cool as the winds increase at of the south and southeast. 70's tomorrow. 64 degrees at 6:00. temperatures will start to come up again tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain will develop between after 9:00 tonight and 9:00 tomorrow morning. that will feature the most noticeable accumulations. that amount of grain will mean we will have flooding issues. -- that amount of rain will mean
5:23 pm
we will have flooding issues. there is the moisture. it is up nearly channeled across the east coast. most of the country is cloud free. it is all here in the east. once we get rid of the storm, a dramatic change in the weather department. look at the weekend. it looks great. generally agreed out or whether weekend. the cool weather will continue into next week. >> thank you. it is a new night of all new shows. on "modern family" mitchell does not like showing public displays of affection and tries to fix the family computer but goes about it in the wrong way.
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>> how come it is not working? >> it should be. it is printing. [laughter] >> that is on tonight at 9:00, followed by "cougar town." coming up, the danger in your child's crib that experts say you should remove right away. maryland sex offender law is about to change. coming up we will tell you why a lot more people
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uw>> i want to go to brad bell with breaking news at a montgomery county where of us as montgomeea bus has crashed off e ramp. >> this was carrying students on a field trip, we believe to elementary or very young and middle school children. the bus driver, we are told, slumped over in his seat, and at that point the bus left the roadway. the roadway happens to be the flight over ramp to the h.o.v.
5:28 pm
ramp to 270 north. it is a 40-high put a bridge. somehow the bus and left the roadway, rolled down an embankment almost to the traveling of 270 north. its stock in the shoulder but then not come out and the travel lane. -- it stopped on the shoulder and did not come out in the travel lane. additionally, eight passengers aboard the bus suffered injuries that needed treatment. ú9ofour but of those had serious injuries. we are told twoko are critical, one is life-threatening. scott gramm is telling us that two patients have life jacfe-
5:29 pm
threatening issues. we are not supposed to offer opinions, but to see this bus having rolled down the embankment that the injuries are not far worse. the bad part is that traffic will be a mess. those are coming from northern virginia to 270 north with emerged together is completely closed with emergency equipment. it will be that way for some time. back to you. >> brad bell reporting. the cars on the left-hand side of the screen were the ones heading north. coming up, why do men have a tough time saying i am sorry?
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the search is on for a second suspect
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you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 on your side. police number one suspect that are still tracking down a second. >> the shooting happened outside of the funeral on u street yesterday.
5:33 pm
steven cheadle has the latest on what police believe is a case of gang violence. >> they arrested miller and charged him with the murder of jamal coats. his body was inside the vehicle which crashed and overturned yesterday on u street. police found a 9 millimeter handgun with coats, but an arsenal of weapons inside miller's department . -- miller's apartment. >> i called him a few times. he seemed like a nice kid. i had no idea. >> witnesses say they saw two n
5:34 pm
qwitnesses say they saw twoçó 3 people shooting into the vehicle. ç/ujáj peop&q are still lookig for the suspect. virginiaw3 officis are warning students about attacks. áájih6 c13ing to the second happened into a frpáq)sruñ house where a student was forced into a pantry. vehicle and punched 1n%ther man in the face. police believe that assault wasi
5:35 pm
motivated by the victims of e/ñrçó'csexualw3 orientation. ñitoday in t p)v&p'óruú6 c13 highest court announced the court. t(rejectedlp it, saying they dit meet state standards. q millionst( ofxd low-income mothers have children under the age/o! of six. xa ne(&$eport shows most of them do not have access to difficult for themñi to have higher-paying jo.
5:36 pm
love of children come up at her l:gcame a mother. çóshe has given birth to fjf ÷úwchildren, several of them wih qdisabilities. w3with no job, she could never afford child carei] quarter children or edu(pá)jz for herself. and path to get there. with disabilities. çó>>ok the study from the wome's economic campaign showed child care is the major barrier to finding full-time work. ñiwhenxd women do find that jobt is often >>t(jf informal care could be friends or families. çóthe cost of child care. >> the cost of child care is about 52% of their medium izesq ì(rq
5:37 pm
>>w3nshqñai dear report cites hs house in alexandria for giving jfher a helping hand.c shee1 finds tell care, a part-te job, and training in child development through northern --q@áp#çó findsym child car. e. >> the report adds that many are single mothers are earning low wages. the washingtone1 area women foundation found they are only making 19,000t(ñr to $25,000. time for attrafáa check of e traffic situation. >> of thatok situationlp obviouy in thee1 event yo]m are blocken
5:38 pm
democracy boulevard eventually.3 there. right now the montgomeryt(ñr coy police and maryland state police h!+ got off to spur. koif you're traveling from çóvirginia on the inner loop of the beltway,t( you cannot go noh onv tz9pthey will block you off rigt there. /çñif you are person coming frm tyson's corner, 66, gallows newsxd for you. there is no way to get around it. you will sit in slow traffic for miles and miles. algor duper is a little better. -ñ outter loop is political better. -- is a little better. conly teh 270 spur pat will be closed. oki amxr(há)áátji06 c13 )t e3
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throwing acid on her own face and lie about it appeared in court today to face that >> the damagew3 inflicted on he. e1>> [inaudible] lp>>çót( do you plead not guiltt this time? physically attackedqxd with asss by a stranger. she used donations madexdé@fá e amñ$ucans toxd buy clothing anda new computer. e1lpshe claimed a strangexd anrt
5:43 pm
attacked her in a public park. her story seemed suspicious to police. lpñijf>> during the interview se admitted her injuries were self- inflected. ,ú8>> she soon admitted she had bought drain cleaner. t(she rubbed acid directly on hr face. xdwhy? t(she told police was to first3 t(secondly to have a completely different face. previously had sailp!uplenty ty about her alleged attack. was silent. xde1> up next, all warning fr parents tonight. what experts say you should take following breaking news out
5:44 pm
of montgomery county whergt to
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ñr back to our breaking story this hour. schoolchildren from pennsylvania hasfáp, crashedçó onto 270 nor. it hit the embankment just shy of 270. s7>> we are told it is one he apparently ha÷x a medical emergency. á4efour of them critical. one is life-threatening. moste1 of the people on the bus were children. there were two fáof adult p 6 c13 >> this has traffice1 snarled up tremendouslyb. on of 495 to 270 m0+r. comin from the inner duper going north on to 270.
5:48 pm
-- this is toc northbound lanes we will keep you updated. xdçó 7 on your side with important medicd may help fight cancer. iud's who are used to prevent cancer. now there is researchq showing theye1w3 m9yb preventxd intraute cancer. scientists found it slowst( down have cancer. ñ are dangerous for babies. the government says 12xdi i nfantslp have diq"@t%(áájj
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the fda never approve the cushions as safe. do not kayseri as ofteni] as won do. -- do not say sorry as often as women do. xd fewer thingsxdok wrong. white houseñr officials of l are on a mission -- the goañ8 is findingok the best christmas tre in the country. the team traveled to pennsylvaniaxd and>0%cked out a tree. i]they chose an 19-tallxde1lp ds fir. 3ñi>>q we were ecst. when i got a phoneñi call, we we told with joy. e1it was a great day.
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>>xd the tree farm owners will personally deliver it to the first lady. we will have cameras&ñ out there so youá$5sráájqbaab%y lp whatñi is coming at 6:00. >> we will go back toxd the scee in montgomery county that is causing the traffic situation right now. we know one person is dead, several injured. we will have the very latest. fáalso, international security types are looking into a terrorist plot that targets multiple cities across europe. we will hear from president obama. that is all coming up at iallip3 see you soon. ÷dé@ imagine how bad the trc situation on the roads will be once the rain comes in. >>e1 the good news is for most f the metroa5 area, and grain wil not be a factor. take a look at the radar.
5:51 pm
ñiit is just drifting off to xdt the west. the rain that is off the coast overs)lqp"@(áyourjf area later tonight. the stems of the florida and ñmóçóeven some of that. thisxdñi imagep, honor stormsis showing the computer projected rain totals for the past 24 ."zvhoursjf, and in some areae qok. let's go right now to the watches. okñigailxd warnings fori] windhe bay. ñrñifáokthe heaviestlp rain time
5:52 pm
between 9:00 tonight and 9:00 tomorrowó[jf morning. once thisokxd ends, it looks gr. lpsunshine and mild on friday. sunshine and cool onq saturdayá3 cooler on sunday with the chance of a passupassing shower. redskins vs. eagles game is huge this week. be. this is taken on a life of its own. çóxd>>ñit( down the neck nabbedd the questions from all sides today, but thereñr was only one ankle -- his return to philadelphia. -- donovanfáxdi] mcnabb t(i]9 fd questionsó[ from all sidese1 t, but there was onlyi] one questin --fá his return to philadelphia.
5:53 pm
i just hope içó will walk out there right tunnel. >> i am sure it is prob small, congested. qnot clean. that is what you do to opposing teams. okhow will they greet you? >> eaglesw3 fanfj e1i]you never. >> mcnabb pâté teammates know ur >> it has48)h)u more meaning o us. i]!u>> if it is an added bonuso try to win this game for me, =
5:54 pm
the coaches from both teams got into it. this]çóe-wee football. frm the playoffs and they are the two bestfá éñ leavesxxdy1i]team. the playoffs and they are the two bestfá éñ leavesxxdy1i]team. >> i do notw3 agree with you
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and be able to take proper precautions. aosáprj ññi protect our children. fá>>ñrlp virginia will get halfa million dollars to install metal çókoñidetectors,xd fences, and- jfcircuit surveillance systems. those will go into schools around the statq ì(rq !uxd that is allñi now f7 news at 5:00. coming up to 6:00, breaking news. one person is dead and more injured after a tour bus runs c"off ramp in montgomery county. also, the latestñiñiñrñi wiw much grain we are expecting. about 2012. that is next.ñ1& >>çójfkomy

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